Sampurnaa Dutta
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The sea has always been fascinating to me. Pristine blue waters stretched across miles, embracing the sky somewhere in the distant horizon. Left to myself, my inner being rejoices the magnanimous ocean and its wonderful company.

The sea is one of the greatest teachers I have ever had. Every time we have an encounter, it never fails to teach me a thing or two. The sea has taught me to be humble. One must be aware of one’s own strengths while being kind to all those weaker than us. The sea is home to millions of creatures who depend on it for their survival while never boasting about it.  Diligence is a virtue I have learnt from the sea. The sea never gets tired. Day after day, wave after wave, it relentlessly goes on. One must never challenge the mighty ocean. The same water that serves as livelihood to scores of people sweeps away civilizations when rubbed the wrong way.

There is something about the sea that opens my floodgates of creativity. Some of my best eureka moments have transpired while taking a walk by myself on the beach or mindlessly staring into the sea. Waking up at wee hours to catch a glimpse of the sun rising from the Indian Ocean made me marvel at the bounties of nature. Ah! What a treat to the eyes! While I sink my feet into the golden sand, the sun bids adieu by dipping back into the sea, promising to usher in a new day. The darkest of nights dawn into beautiful mornings, says the sea.

For absorbing all my fears and insecurities and gifting me with much needed self assurance, the sea has been my greatest confidant. For lending a patient ear to all my rumblings, the sea has been my ‘bestest’ companion. By making me feel small yet never belittling me, the sea has been an amazing mentor.

Feeling blue by the sea is the happiest feeling ever!

Vitamin Sea, anyone?