Rhino Pride of Assam




The one-horned rhino has been written about, filmed and celebrated in poems, ditties and songs like perhaps few other animals. In fact, the number of books on rhinos may rival the population of the endangered mammal in Assam! But we can genuinely claim that this book stands apart from most tomes on the rhino. We have traced the ancestry of the rhino down the ages, the various legends, including the spurious ones about the medicinal properties of its body parts, around the rhino and the latest status of its abodes around the world. This book provides rare insights into the rhino’s endangerment and suggests concrete conservation measures on how the animal can be saved. There is a heart-warming account of how an abandoned rhino calf was lovingly nurtured and is now a proud mother of a few calves at Manas. The rhino is inextricably linked in Assam, it’s folklores and culture and another aspect of this book’s uniqueness is its documentation in detail of this inviolable link.