South Asian Ways of Silk: A Patchwork of Biology,Manufacture,Culture and History


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“South Asian Ways of silk: A Patchwork of Biology, Manufacture, Culture and History” is the first book of its kind covering Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The authors describe and analyze conditions necessary for success of sericulture and silk production in the region. The book includes the historical and cultural role of mulberry silk; sericulture, a woman agricultural handicraft; artistic weaving and embroidery; modernizing traditional art and craft; silks as environmentally sound textiles; education of a new generation; sericulture and silk production as jack-ups for social progress; promotion of Eri and growth and production of wild silks;. It is our hope that the book will give silk people in South Asia better chances to cooperate, share their knowledge and benefit from sericulture and silk production.