Unending Maze


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Unending maze is what I believe my mind is, when it comes to my thoughts.Unending maze is what I believe my mind is, when it comes to my thoughts.Now, the poems that I’ve written over the years were never meant to be published. I thought they were best kept to myself. But it was because of my father, his faith that he had in me that made me decide to go ahead with it. He is one person I’m thankful to.Besides, there was my mother who has constantly encouraged and appreciated my work.
I’ve never been vocal or open about how much I love them. I won’t say much here either. They know I love them the most.Raja Tawoi, P and Jaideep Uncle, I’m extremely grateful to each one of  you for having taken up the pain of going through my writings and correcting me all the time.It’s been a while since I lost my grandfather; Koka, as I would call him. But he has played a vital role in moulding me into the person that I am today. He has been my best teacher and guide and I dedicate this first book of mine to him…

Arshia Mahanta
Author’s Note